Financial Services Partner

As we have met with many clients over the years, we recognized that some of them wanted or needed investment services that were outside our scope of expertise. In the past, when a client expressed interest in portfolio management we did not have a satisfactory solution to offer them and, noticed that many were unhappy with their present broker or advisor.

We consider this a specialty that we do not have the necessary time required to perform, but wanted to have a way to help our clients. I am happy to announce that we have conducted a search for an answer and have aligned with an Investment Advisory firm capable of working with clients all over the country. That firm is Asset Management Strategies, Inc. www.amsria.comĀ  Find out more about their program and processes with these really short videos.

We were looking for a firm that not only matched our level of client attention and care, but also would address the concerns we hear from many clients regarding the risk of managed investment accounts. Most of our clients are more worried about the principal of their accounts than they are about maximizing their gains and this firm fully understands those emotions. Although these types of accounts are not guaranteed, they do present an opportunity to achieve potentially higher returns. In addition, we wanted to work with a firm that would not sit idly by and do nothing if the markets were declining, which could happen at any time. AMS has a documented sell discipline that has demonstrated the ability to help avoid the worst of the market downturns.

If you are interested in this service, please let us know and we will set up a conference call with the President of Asset Management Strategies, Inc. Of course, there is no cost or obligation. We are excited to discuss this new service with you and look forward to talking soon.

Best regards;

Pamela Fugitt-Hetrick LUTCF