SB 562 Single Payer in CA. What will it really do!

SB 562 is the most damaging piece of legislation I’ve seen in my 15 years in this business. SB 562 seeks to eliminate replace the health plans of all 39 million people in CA with a Government-run health plan.
As you know, SB 562 seeks to provide “one size fits all” health insurance to all people living in California, including undocumented residents. This bill will provide cradle-to-grave health coverage with the Government collecting, paying for and dictating all aspects of the medical system.

This Government insurance plan will replace all of the following types of coverage:
• Employer Group Health Insurance
• Employee Health Plans
• Individual and Family Health Plans
• Medicare, Supplement, Advantage, Prescription Drug
• Medi-Cal/Medicaid
• Veterans Benefits including VA, Tricare
• Public Employee Union Health Plans
• Private Union Health Plans.
• Workers Comp

Private health insurance will be prohibited.

The cost of this plan is estimated to be $350 Billion, which is double the size of the entire California State budget. It would in the first year require income taxes to be doubled, an increase of $9,200 for every man, woman and child within its borders.

If you would like to take action on this you may:
1. Contact your State Senator to let him/her know. Click on the link below to find your State Senator’s contact information. Then click on his/her name to reach their website to communicate your message: (“Oppose SB 562″)

2. Attend the Senate Health Committee hearing on Wed. April 26 at 1 pm in the State Capitol in Sacramento (Room 4203). Please be aware that you will encounter hundreds if not thousands of very vocal Single Payer activists who will be rallying in the Capitol Plaza and in the hearing room starting at 11 am.
3. Become a member of CAHU and a local AHU chapter and get involved. .

4. Tell all your family, friends and clients to oppose this very damaging piece of legislation.

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